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I’m Inspired by You.

And you will inspire me forever…


You inspire me because of the way you took care of people. You taught me that sometimes people need help even though they don’t ask for it. Whenever you saw someone in need you were the first to help out, whether you knew them or not. So many people were touched by your random acts of kindness and I promise to carry them on for you.

You inspire me because you worked so hard. You always passed everybody’s expectations… it was so impressive. You taught me to work harder, strive higher and to prove people wrong.

You inspire me because you were fearless. You lived in the moment, took risks and never had any regrets. I try to be more like that whenever I can.

You inspire me because you were always so calm. You always told me not to worry, that things have a way of working themselves out. I swear by these words and can still hear you saying them to me.

You inspire me because you were so tough. I have no idea how you made it past some of the things you went through. But you always kept your head up.  And through this impossible time I will try and do the same, for you.

You inspire me because of how much love you had to give. I’ve never seen anyone love others the way you did. You loved with your whole heart and so much more. Your love seriously never ends. I hope to love someone some day the way you loved everyone around you. You had a heart of gold.

You inspire me because of your smile and your spirit. I know you couldn’t help it but your positive energy was contagious. I was so drawn to you…not because we were family, but because of your energy, the person you were… you were something special. Whenever we were together or whenever we talked, I felt instantly better.  So now, when I meet people who give off the same energy you do, I try and get to know them as much as I can, cause I know that they are special too.

You always have inspired me and you always will.

I hope I can inspire one person the way you have inspired me.



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