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10 Small Pieces of Advice That Will Go a Long Way:

Lately, lots of people have been giving me some really good advice. I don’t know if it’s intentional or if I’ve suddenly become a good listener, but these words have really stuck with me and I would love to share them with you all. Here are 10 pieces of advice that have been passed on to me, and that I really think will go a long way.

1. Sometimes you have to screw up to give yourself a reality check”– LF

Making mistakes often helps put things back into perspective and show us what is important. Be thankful for what your mistakes teach you.

2.“You never regret a workout”- JR

This one is so true. I always feel better after a workout no matter horrible I feel going into it.

3.“It’s important to be selfish”- AS

 Not all the time, but you should always come first.

4.“Go easy on yourself” – ES

You are your own best friend and worst enemy… so be nice.

5.“You will never ever forget what you don’t want to forget”– TL

I always worry that I will start to forget some of my best memories. But I now realize how crazy that seems. I have full control of the things that I remember?  

6.“Have you forgiven?” – HHM

A really good friend of mine asked me this the other day and it really made me think. Being angry or holding a grudge takes way too much energy. So why not just forgive?

7.“It’s just so much easier to like people”- PF

It’s so true. Similar to holding grudges, easier to like someone than to hate dislike them. Even if they’re really annoying, they likely mean well.

8.“People notice when you work hard”- CR

You might not think they notice, and maybe it’s only one person that does. But one of the worst things someone can think about you is that you are lazy.

9.“Hard work trumps good luck”– RT

Being lucky is one thing, but working hard to achieve your goals is another. You shouldn’t let anyone tell you that you are lucky to be at a point in your life that you worked so hard to get too. Appreciate your achievements but recognize the work that went into them.

10.“Relax” – everyone, always

Something that I really need to do a little more.

To those who have passed on these words, thank you. I am so lucky to have your bright minds in my life.

–        C


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