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Organic Green Roots

You’re quickly navigating your way through the busy streets as a litany of thoughts storm throughout your mind. A tugging urgency propels you to take faster steps, you round a corner and suddenly notice a tiny hand, a hand holding a flower, a flower meant for you.

In this moment you stop. Are you inclined to create space within your day to reflect upon random generosity? Would such guerrilla philanthropy inspire you to pay it forward?
Ornamental Thoughtfulness is a public arts project that attempts to provoke such feelings by installing several tiny bronze hands in public places throughout central Wellington, New Zealand.

The purpose of these hands is to hold offerings, small gestures of thoughtfulness to whomever notices. These offerings are meant to engage passers with anonymous tokens of generosity. A silent act of kindness that the artist hopes will create a butterfly effect of positivity or at the…

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