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12 Life Lessons Everyone Should Live By

  1. It’s okay to miss home. Course, it’s cool to backpack through Asia because its what you’ve always dreamed you would do. But if it doesn’t feel right, go home. Home is where your heart is… and that’s where you should be too. You will know when the time is right to go follow your dreams.

  2. Timing is everything. A year from now, that guy that you thought you could never see yourself withmay be perfect for you. Things change and people can surprise you.

  3. Life is full of surprises. Some good, some bad. You don’t know what can happen tomorrow, so don’t have any regrets. Sometimes, one single day can be the scariest thrill ride of your life.  

  4. Life really is a rollercoaster. Within a matter of seconds, you can go from your highest high to your lowest low. When you’re at that low, you’ll feel helpless. But other people have been there and have climbed their way back to the top. Trust me, I’ve met them. Never say you can’t climb back up too. 

  5. Never say never. Try not to speak in absolutes; it’ll just hold you back you in the long run. You have no idea if you will always love someone and who says you can never climb Mount Everest? You can do whatever you want to do. Be fair to yourself.

  6. Wait, life isn’t fair? You know how your mom always said to you that life’s not fair? Well she was right. But little did you know that your life is in your control. So if you don’t think it’s fair, change it. And if you can’t change it, then… it is what it is.

  7. The world is not out to get you. By taking some time to open your eyes and get to know the people around you, you’ll soon realize that people have been through similar things.

  8. Don’t cry over spilt milk. Okay, so you lied to your on-and-off boyfriend and he told you he needed some space. It seemed like the worst possible thing to have happened to you. Looking back, there was no reason for you to have been such a baby. Apologize though, because you made a mistake and you were wrong. But really, It isn’t the end of the world. 

  9. Always say goodbye to the people you love. You never know when the last time you see them will be. It’s that simple.

  10. Simplicity trumps complication. If you’re hungry, eat, if you’re tired, take a nap. If you care about somebody, tell them (See Number 9).

  11. Be nice. Even though you may have mastered being a little brat, it really takes more of an effort to be rude. You’ll slowly learn that you if you’re just a little bit nicer, the world will be a better place. And on top of that, karma is a b****                                                                                                              

  12.  Karma is a b****

Wow, I just realized that I can’t wait to move out, hate surprises, always say never, complicate even the simplest situations and can be really rude sometimes. Maybe I should take my own advice. Even though I have a lot to learn at least I’ve realized that I should start trying.

– C

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My Little Angel

I miss writing. Well, I miss a lot of things. These past few months have been a shock, to say the least, but I’m starting to realize that I need to start doing things that make me happy.  So here’s to a new blog, a new beginning and a new perspective to life.

My not so little brother was my best friend, my other half and the one person who truly understood me. It was such a gift to have him in my life and it seems impossible to not have him here with me today. He was so special to me, he always will be. This whole situation has been really confusing for me but I’m trying to take things step by step to help myself find some peace.  


To everyone who has reached out in whatever way, thank you. You have allowed me to find even a little bit of strength and it has been so helpful.Everyday, I think, what would Kyle want me to be doing right now? I have come up with a list.

  1. He would want me to be fit, healthy and to look good. Seriously though. He made getting his abs look so easy. This gets me off the couch and out for a run and helps me push more reps than I thought humanly possible with Team Bodytech. I will continue working out hard, for him and for me too. He told me it was cool to be a tough girl.

    This was even before he started training w/BodyTech

  2. He would want me to keep learning. He called me a nerd but I think he read more than I did. I’ve started reading all of his favorite books, and I am starting to understand him more and more because of it.
  3. He would want me to keep doing things I love. He would want me to keep writing. He would want me to be around positive people who make me happy. He would want me to take lots of pictures (We took a lot of pictures. Looking back, it was because we were both so self-centered… but I am so happy we have all of those pictures together, so many memories).

    First pictures we took w/ my Macbook

  4. He would want me to be strong. He was my own personal bodyguard and wouldn’t let anyone hurt me. I know he’ll still protect me, but I know I need to be a little more careful with the decisions that I make.

    Best Friends

  5. He would want me to keep my head up and continue moving forward. We had so many plans in life and he would want me to still do them all. He would want me to start work, do well and to “make millions”.  I can promise him I will try. It just will be a little bit harder not having him by my side.
  6. He would want me to take risks and to be fearless, like him. He seriously lived like every moment was his last. He always had so much fun and I admire him for that. He would want me to have No regrets.
  7. He would want me to trust someone as much as I trusted him, to love someone as much as I loved him and he would want me to be okay.
  8. And he would totally want me to take care of his little puppy, Ali. Har too of course.

    Puppy and Master

    K, I was so proud of you and you taught me so much. You inspire me everyday. I will honor you and make you so proud, I promise.

    You will forever be my other half



My Little Angel